If you’ve had your mind set on buying a new piece of jewellery for a while, then you likely have a budget in mind and know exactly what it is you want. But, what’s the next step? Usually, this would be to visit a high-street jewellery store to find your perfect item, but now with online retailers, there is so much more choice available, meaning that it can often be difficult to know what exactly you want to buy.


One of the biggest reasons as to why buying jewellery online is due to the fact that you can find fantastic deals or prices that you wouldn’t typically find in your traditional high-street jewellers. As the online jewellery space is so competitive, this means that retailers can offer you much better deals for beautiful pieces. But, the biggest concern with buying jewellery online is the quality of the jewellery piece you are buying. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a guide to buying jewellery online.


Do Your Research

When buying jewellery online, research is one of the most important aspects. As you can imagine, there are many different online jewellery retailers and they all specialise in different areas. This means it’s important to consider exactly what type of jewellery you are looking for, whether that’s collectible vintage pieces or modern contemporary jewellery pieces. As with anything else that you can buy online, you should be wary about websites that don’t seem legitimate or may be selling counterfeit jewellery.


Check The Returns Policy

One of the main concerns that people have about buying jewellery online is whether what is delivered will match up to how it appears in the photos on the website. Often, jewellery can photograph very well and what is delivered doesn’t quite live up to the standards seen online.


Ensure that wherever you buy your jewellery from offers a standard return policy (excluding earrings) and if they don’t, avoid spending your money there. A lot of legitimate jewellers will offer a guarantee on some of their jewellery, too, or free cleaning.


Look What Materials Are Used

Buying jewellery online means that, unfortunately, there are a number of false listings and misinformation used. If you’re interested in quality jewellery, over quantity, then the materials used to make the jewellery will likely be of high importance to you. If so, check that the jewellers you are interested in use 9k solid gold and sterling silver, as well as sustainable gemstones, including diamonds.


Know What You Are Looking For

Knowing what kind of jewellery you are looking for, whether it’s as vague as a gold piece or are after a more specific piece of jewellery, like huggie hoop earrings, will help to tailor your research to find a piece that best fits your requirements. After researching, let the information you discover pave the way to form a more concrete idea. When shopping online for jewellery, you can then compare different retailers, pricing and pieces of jewellery without feeling too overwhelmed by choice.