Home Essentials For Your Guest Bedroom

If you have a guest bedroom and you aren’t wanting to spend a fortune on giving it a bit of an overhaul, you’re in the right place! You’re probably going to want to invest more in your main bedroom, but it is still lovely to have a really nice guest bedroom for when friends and family come over to stay. So, we’re here to introduce some cheap and cheerful changes you can make to help you fall in love with your guest bedroom.

Freshen Up The Soft Furnishings

The first thing you can do to make an affordable change to your guest bedroom is to freshen up the soft furnishings. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this can make! Start with your bedding and invest in a duvet set, you might want to go for something bold here if you don’t like lots of throws and cushion sets on your bed, or keep it simple with a white or block colour set and then add colour and texture with cushion covers and blankets. Then, add a rug to the room. Tie in a few of the colours from your bedding to really bring the room together!

By making just a few simple swaps like this, you can really transform the space, whilst spending as little as £30!

Add A Feature Wall

Our next tip is for you to add a feature wall to the space! Simply go to your local homeware shop and buy a small tin of paint, or have a look around in your garage or maybe even head to somewhere like Facebook Market Place to see if anyone has anything left over.

Then, paint one of the walls where there is quite a bit of empty space. You could buy a few wall hangings or wall art prints to hang, to fill the space and add something unique without having to spend much money at all! You could also maybe print off some of your favourite photos and create a collage with those, making it even cheaper.

Change The Window Dressings

Another thing you can do to make a real difference in your guest bedroom is to change the window dressings. Your curtains or blinds can make a huge difference to how the room looks, so get yourself some affordable new curtains or blinds and you will feel a significant change. Try to go for something neutral, and if you’re choosing curtains, make sure to get black out ones so your guests will always have a good nights sleep!

Add Some Greenery

Nothing helps to brighten up a room quite like some greenery! Whether you want to add real plants or artificial plants, dotting a few around the room is such a lovely touch. We would always advise real plants, as they help to clarify the air and just helps the room to feel so nice and zen. Choose a plant that is low maintenance so you’re not constantly having to care for it, like spider plants or Chinese money plants. This is one of the cheapest changes you can make and it will help your guests to really feel at home.