3 Great Gifts For Her This Festive Season

If you’re looking for great gifts for her this festive season, you’re in the right place! We’re here with some inspiration to make buying easy at this time of year, no matter your budget or who you’re buying for, as we’re sure that we’ll have you covered.

A Pamper Basket

First up we have a great gift that is ideal for any budget and you can also carefully tailor it to the person you’re buying for, which is a pamper basket. You can either use a spare basket you already have or buy one cheap online, then fill it with all of their favourite things. You could either just go with all of their favourite things such as snacks, drinks, cosy pyjamas, skincare, fragrances or hair products. Maybe you choose to go for a theme, like a spa theme or a sleep theme. A great addition to any pamper basket is a bouquet of dried flowers that they could keep  for years! When it comes to gift ideas for women, a pamper basket is ideal because you can make it really personal to the person and you can tailor it no matter what your budget is.

Birthstone Jewellery

If the person you’re buying for loves jewellery but you want to choose something a bit more sentimental, then choosing birthstone jewellery is a great option. It brings a positive energy to the wearer and it shows you’ve gone that extra mile to choose something they think they’d love and would be important to them. Other good options are getting jewellery engraved with something meaningful, or if you’re feeling confident, you could even try making it yourself with online kits! Jewellery is such a great gift, then choosing a birthstone piece of jewellery or something engraved just adds that extra something special.

A Makeup Appointment

If your loved one is a big makeup person, then a great thing to do is book an appointment for them to have their makeup done. So many department stores with makeup concessions offer makeup appointments for free as long as you spend some money on products (the minimum is usually between £25 and £50). However, this is a win-win because they get their makeup done and can enjoy that, as well as purchasing any items they like after to recreate at home. This is quite a unique gift that is nice and thoughtful, plus you could plan something nice to do after like a meal out so they can make the most of their makeup!

Make Your Own Perfume Set

We all know perfume is a classic gift around the festive period, however if you want to do things a bit differently, then you can get make your own perfume sets! There are clear guides with the perfume sets that you can order online, that you can combine to create a custom perfume. This is such a fun activity as well as creating a one of a kind perfume in the process. Just make sure to note down what is being added so that you can always recreate it afterwards if you fall in love!