Streetwear has been coming into popularity for many years, but it seems to adapt over time. Streetwear is no longer just for the younger generation trying to do a one-up on their peers for the best gear, and is no longer just a full tracksuit. Streetwear is now adapting with some of the older generations and are adapting it in their own way. There are a few things that stay the same, no matter how old you get, and if you are just getting into this style, well, this article is going to help for inspiration. In this article, we will go through some essential pieces to get you started.

The Statement Trainers

So, let’s get something straight, you don’t have a streetwear wardrobe if you don’t have a pair of statement trainers. Whilst many go for the classic brands such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas, it is always best to go for something that talks to you, go for something that you want rather than what you think you should get. Obviously, you don’t have to go crazy expensive and buy the next pair of Alexandre Mcqueen’s or Yeezy’s but a good quality pair of trainers that look great with most outfits that you want to wear will be perfect.


Tops are one of the most exciting items in the wardrobe as there are so many different variations. It is also what your wardrobe is probably filled with. Graphic Tees are a great way to show some personality, it could be your favourite brand, band, artist, whatever, as long as it’s a piece of you, then it will look good. Other popular tops include overshirts and graphic hoodies and sweaters for those colder days. It is always best to get these either fitted or have them on the baggy side for extra comfort.


A pair of good quality pants can go all the way. A great tip is not to wash them too much as this will cause them to lose colour. It is also important to have them fit your silhouette as too much excess just looks scruffy. Jeans are always an important part of a streetwear look, not skinny or stretchy jeans but heavy denim jeans. A great pair of jeans like Levi’s will last a long time and will go with most outfits. Other bottoms that go well for a streetwear outfit is a pair of chinos or joggers for a more urban streetwear look.

Signature Accessories

Signature accessories are a great way to show some personality in your outfit. If you are wanting to make a standout move, this is it. A bright coloured beanie is a great accessory to have, it stands out, hides bad hair days and makes any outfit stand out. Other accessories include a good pair of sunglasses, a G-shock or Bape watch will also make a great accessory to have. As long as the accessories stand out and make the outfit pop, then you are all set. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to building a solid streetwear look.