Fashion Trends: What Influences Them?

Is it really possible for any to explain exactly what drives fashion trends? Why do people care so much about what celebrities wear?

People’s clothing choices are influenced by a wide range of factors. Instead of just clothes, fashion has become a way to express oneself and one’s identity. The following few paragraphs will explore exactly what a fashion trend is along with the different areas of influence that result in the emergence of a new trend.

What Is a Fashion Trend?

A fashion trend refers to a specific expression or style distributed over a population at a given location and period, such as the best plus size shapewear or the most popular hat style. A trend is a transitory style that isn’t necessarily determined by the seasons when collections are released by fashion brands. Fashion is, has always been, and will always be a reflection of society and current events.

Current fashion events are usually cyclical, borrowing inspiration from past decades and rearranging them to match current preferences. Clothing patterns considered unfashionable just a mere decade ago are currently seeing a renaissance in appeal.

What Starts Fashion Trends?

Fashion is fundamentally one of the most common means of expression, which refers to the constantly changing clothing that’s worn by people of a cultural rank. If others replicate or imitate a certain style of clothing, it becomes a fashion trend.

Today, most fashion trends start with designers that create a spring and autumn collection based on inspiration and signals received throughout the season.

Fashion brands take influence from the designers and come up with designs that the general public finds affordable. The fashion trend then spreads to nearby malls, shops, and shopping complexes. Some fashion trends start in one nation and spread to others, while others remain confined to one area.

While design houses continually affect fashion trends, they aren’t the sole influencing factor when it comes to contemporary fashion trends. Currently, fashion trends start and grow in the following ways: on the street, on social media, among celebrities, and in the fashion capitals of the world.

Fashion Week and Runways

A good number of trends today are influenced by ensembles sent by designers down runways during Fashion Week events in Paris, Milan, and New York each season. Every season, fans of fashion wait with bated breath to find out what transpired in the brains of their beloved designers during the previous months.

Street Style

“Street style” is a term that refers to everyday styles that can be observed on the streets. These are the appearances worn by individuals that influence others that not only see them but are also inspired by them.


The fact that celebrities are some of the most potent factors in fashion trend development is hardly in doubt. The public adores celebrities and follows their every move and hangs on to each word they say. Celebrities are some of the most compelling fashion icons, which is why large corporations often hire them to be spokesmen for their products and businesses.

Social Media and Influencers

Social media stars and influencers have, over the past several years, overtaken magazine editors in popularity rankings of the fashion industry. The influencers are now trendsetters since they provide content that encourages followers to buy the things that they advocate.

But what is it that motivates a fashion influencer to start wearing a particularly desirable look or item? Fashion, as previously mentioned, reflects what’s happening in the world around us – culture, economy, and politics.

Fashion bloggers wield a lot of power in their respective fields. Fashion bloggers are followed by people since they would like to know how trends are produced. Fashion bloggers provide a unique viewpoint on the world of fashion, which is appreciated and enjoyed by their audience.

Final Thoughts

Fashion trends are in a state of constant evolution since they are influenced by several different events, which include technology and social media. Now, we can rely on artificial intelligence to predict the most likely next major trend in fashion.