Best Ways To Get Better Deals On Cameras

1. Look Out for Seasonal Deals

Many companies looking to clear out old stock or boost sales offer discounts on several items. Keeping an eye on these, especially Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays can see you save a good amount on your dream camera. Some companies will also offer items at discounts just after Christmas and Easter Holidays when electronics sales are at their lowest. With most shoppers focused on other things, especially consumables, this is the best time to shop for a good camera.

2. Watch Out for New Camera Releases

If you’ve been eyeing a specific camera type or model for some time, you might want to track new product/camera releases. While newer cameras will come equipped with cutting-edge technology, very few people will be eyeing the now older generation cameras. That said, you can take advantage of the new releases to get yourself a decent camera for a lower price at a camera shop. Electronics, especially cameras and phones just a generation older, sell at a lower price considering most shoppers will be looking to buy the new releases.

3. Check Out International Offers

Every country has unique taxation guidelines for various goods, electronics included. Some countries may tax an arm and leg for electronics, while others will be a bit fair. It is also worth noting that lack of competition for that specific product, cameras in this case, can be the reason for exorbitant prices in the said country or region. One of the best ways around this is to check out international offers on the same product, then compare prices plus shipping. Many websites and e-commerce sites will allow you to compare prices from different countries. Where possible, consider shipping the camera from regions offering them at a reasonable price.

4. Buy From Family or Friends

Do you have a friend or family member specializing in photography and videography? They might be looking to dispose of a camera, a reason you should consult them first. Even if they might not be selling, there’s a good chance they can get a better deal from a trusted supplier. Most professional photographers will also be looking to get their hands on the latest camera or lenses, hence might as well sell the old one to you.

5. Shop Online

Shopping online can see you save a good deal on your chosen camera. Online stores sell their products/equipment a bit cheaper than physical stores. This is because online stores don’t attract some overheads, including operating costs, rent, utility bills, etc. You are also more likely to get a good discount in the form of coupons and promotion codes. Be sure to compute both delivery and shipping costs when shopping online.

6. Consider Buying a Used Camera

Unless you want a new camera, you can land a good deal with used cameras. Most people looking to upgrade or have bought a new camera will want to dispose of their ‘old’ camera at an even lower price. Some of these cameras are in tip-top condition, with minimal cosmetic wear and tear. It would, however, be advisable to check the condition and quality of the camera before closing the deal. Consider meeting in person to check the camera physically to avoid disappointment.


Getting a good camera has never been this easy. You can shop for cameras, compare prices, and get crazy discounts, all with a few clicks and from the comfort of your house/office. Whichever your preferred camera is, it would be advisable to research more about it, identify a specific camera that can meet your needs, then start window-shopping. Take your time to compare different deals before settling for one.