Unique Ways To Organise Your Gym Wardrobe

If you’re very into the gym, you’re likely to have quite a bit in your gym wardrobe! It’s time to stop struggling to find the outfit you’re looking for and having to dig through everything, as we’re here to give you a few tips on the best ways to organise your gym wardrobe! These tips might seem simple and it might take a bit of time to do this, but you will save so much time and stress everyday when you take these on board. So, set aside a few hours this week to organise your womens gymwear and you won’t regret it!

Take Everything Out Of Your Drawers

The best first step to help you properly organise everything is to take all of your gym clothes. You will be able to see everything you have, throw anything out into the wash that needs to be washed and this is the opportunity to sell or donate anything that you don’t wear anymore! This will give you a nice fresh start before you begin organising.

Get Yourself Sock Organisers

When it comes to storing your gym tops, using sock organisers is one of the best things you can do! Sock organisers contain lots of small sections, usually in a honeycomb pattern. You can then take each of your tops, whether its sports bras, gym crop tops, tank tops or gym t-shirts, and roll them up. Each of the rolled up tops can then have its own section, with all of the sports bras to one side and tops to the other. This is such a great tip as you can clearly see all of your tops, so you never have to go through a pile of folded tops but can see everything and pick the top you’re looking for! This could go into a drawer to make it even more organised and everything will be easy to find.

Fold Your Leggings Carefully

Now moving onto your gym leggings or shorts! Again, when you have to sort through a single pile of your gym leggings to find what you’re looking for, it won’t stay tidy for very long and it will be a pain! So, instead of folding your gym leggings and having them piled on top of one another, once they are folded, stack them horizontally instead. So, across your drawer, you can see a snippet of each pair of gym leggings almost like a bookcase, that can easily be plucked out, worn and put back to wear another time (unless you’ve had a very sweaty workout!).

Invest In A Hanging Shoe Rack

If your gymwear collection features a lot of trainers, then you should invest in a hanging shoe rack. This is such an easy way to organise your trainers, as they take up a lot of space when they are all laid out on the floor, but you can get vertical hanging racks where each pair can fit into a small slot that are easy to find, easy to put back and overall just far easier!