The Psychology of Colour in Fashion: How Colours Affect Your Mood and Perception

Have you ever felt unexpectedly confident in a red dress or inexplicably calm in a blue dress? Or feel unstoppable and beautiful because you went with a red dress for date night? It’s not just your imagination. Colours, beyond their visual appeal, hold a powerful psychological sway, influencing our moods, perceptions, and even our interactions with others. This influence extends beyond our conscious thoughts and directly impacts the choices we make in our everyday lives, including what we wear.

Understanding the psychology of colours in fashion can unlock a whole new dimension of self-expression, strategic dressing and, if you are a fashion designer, potentially your next statement piece. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of colour palettes and explore how different hues can affect your mood and the way you’re perceived.

Red: A Symbol of Love, Anger, and Everything In Between

The bold and beautiful colour red represents the heat of passion, desire and love. It explains why it’s used in the iconic pretty women scene when Julia Roberts comes through the lobby wearing an elegant red dress and men are mesmerised by her beauty. This could transform your confidence and make you feel like the only person in the room.

Let’s not forget that the colour red is also linked to feelings of rage, anger and danger. While this might be true in the fashion world, it has the potential to be perceived as aggressive if overused. Therefore, you could always add a pop of red to your outfit, like some ballet flats, handbags or even earrings, just to ignite a small flame of passion in your everyday looks.

Blue: A Symbol of Peace, Honesty, and Endless Possibilities

From its ancient origins, blue has forever been recognised as a colour of relaxation, calmness and wealth. While being a very utilised and sought out colour to this day. It’s a safe and reliable colour to go with if you want to attract feelings of peace and tranquillity, which explains its popularity in the business sector. Give people the courage to present and bring composure to their day at work, so on those important days at work, opt for a blue suit or smart blue dress.

Green: A Symbol of Hope, Nurture and Fresh Starts

Symbolising growth, harmony, and balance, green represents nature and tranquillity. It’s associated with feelings of well-being and can promote a sense of security. Opt for green clothing when you need some extra help from the universe but also if you want to keep your life on track. If you like the colour green, I would take advantage of it. It can align with the world but also make you appear extremely friendly, trustworthy and approachable to others, which can have benefits for your career and social life.

We do not forget that green is strongly associated with money and wealth for obvious reasons, therefore, if you are hoping for an influx of extra cash or waiting to hear back from a job opportunity, make the most of green and truly appreciate the power of green with.

Yellow: A Symbol of Happiness, Joy and All of The Above

If you could put summer, all your happy memories, and creative moments into colour, you would be left with the happy-go-looking colour yellow. There is something about yellow that promotes a serotonin boost we all need during the calmer months. It can be a mood booster and encourage communication, although be careful not to overdo it to prevent overwhelming yourself.

You could try adding yellow to your fashion wardrobe by selecting floral dresses with a mixture of yellow and greens to mix things up and get the best of both and accessories like you would with a pop of red.