The Differences Between Tennis And Badminton

Differences Between Tennis And Badminton

On more than one occasion, both sports have been compared to each other. This is due to the fact that they share quite a few of the same characteristics when compared side by side. However, it should be noted that both are played on a two-sided court with a net in the middle. Players of badminton and tennis use rackets when playing.

With that said, there are quite a number of differences between both of these sports. Hence, learning about it can ensure that you know which is suited for you. While both sports require players to use rackets, a neat fuzzy ball is a highlight in tennis. In the case of badminton, a birdie or a shuttlecock is used instead of a ball.

Both of these amazing games will create the perfect setting for some light or heavy competition as desired by players. So, if you’re interested in a two-on-two competition or doubles, as they say, these are perfect for you. However, it should be noted that tennis is more suited for two while badminton can facilitate up to a whopping six players on each team.

Badminton has been thought of being quite a treat during family gatherings. In essence, just about everyone can be included in a game of badminton.

Scoring And Rules Are Also Different

In a tennis match, players can bounce the ball before hitting. However, there’s a minimum of one bounce before hitting. In the case of badminton, the birdy is not allowed to hit the ground at all. As far as racking up points go, badminton works with a traditional system and allows points up to 21 or even 11.

For a game of tennis, the scoring system is rather unique. Hence, players can only score an advantage, a deuce, or a love. These are simply 15, 30, or 40 as the case may be.


Just like other sports, tennis and badminton tend to result in a series of vigorous activities. While tennis courts are larger, there is much more exertion associated with the sport. Badminton nets are higher than tennis nets and tennis nets are seen as being closer to the ground.

If you’re interested in learning the differences between each, you’ll be able to decide which game you prefer over the other.  If you are looking for padel tennis court installation then see here.

The Speed Of Shuttle/Ball

According to the Guinness World Record, a badminton game once had a shot of 264.7 mph. In tennis, the fastest record was that of 163.4 mph. Hence, the speeds generated during a badminton game is much more than that of a tennis game.

The Weight Of Badminton Vs. Tennis

If you’re playing a game that involves rackets, then your racket will be the most important tool for you. In badminton, the rackets are different from typical tennis rackets. Due to the difference, there is also a weight difference.

Tennis rackets usually tend to weigh anything from 365g and under but not less than 255g. In essence, this range is between 13 to 9 ounces. However, badminton rackets are much lighter and weigh anywhere between 80g to 100g.

Earning Differences

In the case of earnings, there’s a huge difference. However, there are tons of rich tennis and badminton players around the globe. There are specially crafted charts that indicate the significance and differences in the earnings between both. Some of the lower-paid tennis players still make much more than badminton players.

Penetration Rate

In order to calculate the penetration rates, we can simply take the total number of participants and divide it by the world population. It should be noted that this is done using the number of persons and not the number of countries. Tennis is well-loved by Australia, the United States and Europe. These countries have a population of 25 million, 327 million and 780 million respectively.