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Hi Kris, thank you very a lot, we had a tremendous time consuming in Jakarta. Definitely agree, there’s so much and such a variety of various Indonesian meals – this list is only a starting. I would love to go to Surabaya on my next journey to Indonesia.

  • About seven-hundred meters you’ll discover a small stall with small “Gudeg” signal.
  • A duo of mustards is a must for the flavor—grainy mustard is more gentle with a pop of texture, whereas Dijon adds a burst of that signature mustard depth.
  • What I love about Indonesian fried chicken is that each one that flavor gets embedded into the chicken as a substitute of the batter.
  • You select a fish of your choice, then it’s marinated with turmeric, chili, and garlic sauces, among different seasonings.

Enjoy a big variety of meals, deals, and member-only options in GoFood app. Fried breadfruit is considered a delicacy amongst the food of Jakarta. It is cut into sizable quantities and fried to a golden brown shade Food & Cooking News with out batter coating it. Usually, it’s fried to some extent between crispy and gentle sufficient to dig in. This one’s loaded with a bunch of fruits, jelly, coconut milk, and cherries.