Five things to spice up your style

Summer is just around the corner and we all cannot wait but it has been that long since we have properly been out that we have forgotten how to dress. Here are five ways to add something new to your outfits.

Stylish face mask aka bandana

Obviously, they do not give the valid protection that is needed for protecting yourself from covid but they do look fashionable. Bandanas are great for many reasons and one of them is the versatility you can have with your outfit.

You can get bandanas in all sorts of different patterns and colours so it really just depends on what you think goes best with those denim jeans.

Tuck or tie your t-shirt

Now, this is such a simple method to look different but a great way to step up your style a bit. Tucking your t-shirt can go with both pants and jeans so that also depends on what you want to wear on the day. Whatever you do though this look is not that popular with a pair of shorts so make sure you keep it simple.


These have become extremely popular again in the last few years for both males and females. Now, these are very versatile with what you can with them and it does not really matter about the colour of your clothes that you have on.

Gold, white gold, silver, or steel, take your pick with what you want with that attire that you are considering to wear. You could push the boat and take it a step further with emerald rings.


Another excellent piece of jewellery that everybody will notice if you have it on show. Chains can go over your clothing or underneath, that is all down to personal preference. Again no matter what colour you get, they can all look incredible with whatever outfit you wear.

Vintage jewellery is something that is certainly on the up and so and you can understand why. Its unique and vibrant colours catch everyone’s eyes, especially when the sunshine makes them glisten. If you do go with a ring and chain combination, try your best to get similar colours as this confirms that you are not just wearing jewellery for the sake of it.

Block those rays of sunshine out

Sunglass, nearly everyone owns a pair of sunglasses but if you do not already then now is the time to buy some. The sun will be rising at 5:00 AM and will not be setting until around  9/ 10 PM, which is an awful lot of sun for our eyes so get investing in those sunglasses.

Sunglasses are not only cheap but again very flexible with whatever outfit you wear so make sure you treat yourself to a pair.


That’s it, five different ways to give your style a bit of flair without breaking the bank too much. Remember, it is all about your personal taste but do not be afraid to try new things out.