Yamaha Lexi has a different appearance from other automatic motorbikes.

There is a curve that attracts enough attention. In general, this motorbike does have a slim, sexy, and practical physique.

To optimize and improve the quality of a good design, you can modify Lexi with various concepts.

The white color of the white Lexi is on the fenders, front and side body. This white Lexi modification will combine colors that fit well with white.

In addition to colors in the sense of being repainted or airbrushed, you can also attach stickers that look good with the white Lexi.

Red, black, or blue color fits perfectly with white Lexi. Modifications don’t just stop at the color.

You can also do component replacement. Replacement components that are usually carried out are the rear tires and mirrors.

For rear tires, you can use tires with a larger size. The effect, Lexi will look bigger and stronger.

This modification can be said is quite simple. In terms of fees or funds, it is guaranteed that you will not make your pockets perforate and go bankrupt at once.

The red Lexi is more suitable to be modified without being repainted. The combination of red and black which is the base color is just right.

To be even better, you can use laminating scuto. The laminating will make Lexi more durable and dustproof.

You can also modify this motorbike by applying certain concepts. You can do component replacement.

You can replace the rear suspension, front suspension, tires, to the rearview mirror. For the front suspension, you can use the Upside Down suspension.

It is possible to make Lexi look bigger and more manly by replacing the original components with new components that fit the concept of modification you are doing.

Lexi can look like any other Maxi Yamaha motorbike that has a high cc.

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