Tips For The Ultimate Tidy Bedroom

Nobody likes tidying their room, no matter how old you are, there is a different reason for each one of us why we don’t like tidying our rooms. To be honest, I absolutely love tidying the bedroom as it gives you a sense of calm once it is organised, the bed is made and the floors are free of clothes. It can get a little hectic sometimes, but it doesn’t take too long to get it back to how it was. The best tip is to simply put things away after yourself as this will help to maintain your clean bedroom. The worst thing you can do is to empty your wardrobe out when you look at an outfit and then just leave it for the next day which then leaves a mess on the floor and creased and trampled Gods Gift clothing on the floor. In this article, we will go through some of the top tips for the ultimate tidy bedroom.

Start With The Bin and Other Rubbish

The first thing you need to do is go around your bedroom and pick up all the rubbish on the floor and also empty the bin. If you are one to basically live in your bedroom, chances are you are going to have old wrappers on the floor, empty cups and glassed, maybe a plate or two. Everything that should not be in your bedroom needs to be removed and put in the designated areas. Whether this is for the bin, the dishwasher, the laundry basket or simply in its rightful place.

Change Your Bedding

This is best to do before most things as you never know how many crumbs you are going to find in your bed. Brush your bed off, change the bed linen and make your bed accordingly. You can do some cool designs with bedding, so learn how to style your bed to make the room feel special.

Dust, Vacuum and Mop

In this order, first, dust your room, remove all the bits from the window sill, the bedside table, wardrobes, draws, tv stand and everything else. This is essential for many reasons, but it is crucial for your overall health, When doing this, ensure your window is open.  A tip for this is to use a damp cloth and then polish with a surface polish to reduce the amount of dust that sticks to the surface.

Next, now you have a really messy floor, hoover it. This is the case no matter the material of your floor. Hoover everywhere, even under your bed and the back of your wardrobes. Once you have hoovered, if you have wooden or hard flooring, ensure that you mop it clean with disinfectant to give that extra clean smell.

Wash Your Clothes and Put Them Away Properly

Now that your room is mostly tidy, the next thing your need to do is get all of your dirty clothes cleaned and put away properly. If you have premium clothes like Gods Gift, the last thing you want to be doing is treating them to a trip to the floor and being trampled on.  Clean and put away in an organised wardrobe,

Final Touches

Now that your bedroom is tidy, it’s all about the detailing. Spray your bedding with a fabric cleaner for an extra fresh smell, place scent boosters in your wardrobes and draws, Have the windows open to air the room out and finally go round the room and check if there is anything you have missed. As we said, once you have done a proper job, you will find it easier to keep on top of it.