As we enter Autumn, it is becoming time to put the summer wardrobes and outdoor furniture away. Winter is just around the corner, and many people find it difficult saying goodbye to the hot summer days and time spent outside. However, adding a few of these to your home may make the transition between seasons more enjoyable.

Here are the best autumn and winter essentials to transform your home and make you feel cosy throughout autumn and winter.

1.  Seasonal decorations tailored to your home

Whether Autumn represents horror films or pumpkin spice lattes to you, decorations to commemorate the season. You can go big or small- cushions in autumnal colours can really set the mood of a place. Halloween decorations that match the interior of your home can really make you feel in a festive mood. Furthermore, with Christmas around the corner, picking out new Christmas decorations can reinvigorate your joy with the Christmas season.

2.  Warm and Cosy Bedding

As the nights get darker, and the days get colder, snuggling under the covers with a hot drink becomes a seasonal staple. Why not buy a new Duvet Cover Set that keeps you warm in the cold seasons, and why not add an extra duvet in your bedding to protect you from those cold, winter mornings.

3.  Seasonal Scents

What do you smell when you think of Autumn? Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or sandalwood? What scents take you back to your childhood Christmases- spiced orange, cinnamon stick, or peppermint? Buying reed diffusers or pot-pourri of your favourite seasonal scents can breathe life into your home and surround you with happy memories.

4.  Blankets and Cushions for Seating

As the winter draws in and we spend more time indoors, entertaining friends and family might happen inside your home more often. Updating your seating options with cosy beanbags, blankets and soft cushions improve the comfort of your home and make your living areas comfy and warm.

5.  Change Plants to compliment the space

Seasonal plants can help your space reflect the beauty of the season outside. Autumnal flowers, such as chrysanthemums or dahlias can bring some joy to your home as the weather gets colder.

6.  Update your kitchenware

Nothing is more comforting on a cold day than a hot drink, or watching films in front of a warm fireplace. Update your kitchen with a coffee or popcorn maker to be able to enjoy the joys of the winter season from your home.

7.  Blackout Curtains

Furthermore, cuddling up and watching Christmas movies is a great way to beat the Winter blues. Bring the authentic Cinema experience to your home, and enjoy films like they were meant to be enjoyed with blackout curtains. Also, nothing beats a lie-in on a gloomy winter weekend. These will help you to shut the morning out and comfortably sleep away the winter chill.