How To Wear Streetwear Like An Adult

Streetwear is everywhere now and the trend just keeps getting more popular. It has increased in popularity so much that now we adults are trying to incorporate it into our wardrobes. This can be difficult with the number of clothes out there with bold graphic designs and ridiculously oversized fits.

Streetwear can be really simple such as a tracksuit, but it can also be a complicated outfit full of bold designs and colourful prints. As adults, it can be difficult to sieve through this to get to what you are after. Some items will not be suitable, and others will be perfect for your style, you just need to find what is right for you. In this article, we will go through some tips on wearing men’s streetwear like an adult.

Start at the treds

Many fashion-focused people will often tell you that shoes make the outfit. This is completely true in our eyes, trainers definitely make a streetwear outfit pop. The issue is that many go for the chunkiest trainers with the boldest designs. As an adult, this is not appropriate, instead, tone back on the chunk, and definitely tone it down with the colours and designs. A Simple pair of white trainers make every outfit. There are many great designs out there such as Common Projects and Alexander McQueen.

Always fitted, never baggy or skinny

Unless you have been walking around with your eyes closed for the past six months, skinny jeans are out of the picture. This has definitely been a culture shock for many, especially if you have been wearing skinny jeans for the past decade. We know the 90s are back, but this doesn’t mean you can go baggy either, this is not trending, this is just something that lazy people do. Instead, opt for a pair that are tailored to your silhouette. These will compliment your figure and make your outfit feel slightly relaxed, but not too much.

Keep it simple

One trend that is rife with streetwear at the moment is wearing different prints with each other that contrast dramatically.  For an adult, this isn’t a great look as you will look like you are trying too hard to look young. Instead, embrace the fact that you are not. Streetwear for adults gets its essence from simplicity, which is key when trying this type of outfit. If you really wanted to pull off streetwear as an adult, the trick is to keep things plain and simple with tailored fits instead of oversized ones. Obviously, some graphics or logos are allowed, but try and keep it to one piece per outfit.


Streetwear was first made from durable materials that could withstand a fall off a skateboard. Nowadays, thanks to top designers incorporating streetwear into their designs have resulted in these old garments having a restructure with more luxe fabrics. With these types of fabrics and prices, you won’t want to be falling off anything in them. They’re more comfortable and as an adult comfort is also an important factor. Encourage yourself to buy some lux fabric items so that you can still feel great in a more relaxed fit.