How to save money for when you are shopping online

Everybody wants to save money. Well, nearly everybody. Some people will happily pay the price no matter what the price is. This is going to give you some tips on how you can save money when you are shopping online. No matter whether it is for clothes, food or even just buying general items.

Do not be afraid to shop direct

eBay, Etsy and Amazon might seem like they are giving you great deals and offers but they are probably not. Companies will have to pay commission to be on the sites which means the value of the product will have to go up as well.

If you ever find an item that you like and you want to buy. Then you should look at the actual brand’s site first as it might be cheaper. Most of the sellers will have their own websites and will be extremely easy to find so doing this is costing you more on your time than it is on your price.

Many health websites will sell vitamins at a higher cost than the actual maker so it is best to find out where the vitamin C tablets are sold or other vitamins and minerals.

Signing up for newsletters

Many people avoid this as they cannot be bothered by the constant spam in their mailboxes. However, these can offer some amazing deals due to them needing to get rid of the stock because the season is coming in.

Some places will offer you discounts if you sign up for a newsletter which is a great way to save money. For example, Gap will offer up to 20{356e1871b8e242378fb9beb958a06a30bd5b9bbad020be0d9ca02bf09725ef02} off their full-price clothing items which makes it easier for you to save money.

Newsletters might not always offer discounts on items. Instead, they might make you aware of an in-store event where you can get a discount or other offers that potentially could be beneficial for you.

Live chat

There are plenty of retailers that offer a live chat service with someone that can help you with your shopping. Many people will just overlook the pop-up so next time you have an opportunity. Attempt to haggle whoever pops up to you in case you can bring the price down a tiny bit.

Some online helpers will often give a discount of 10{356e1871b8e242378fb9beb958a06a30bd5b9bbad020be0d9ca02bf09725ef02} or more when you ask. Some of these retailers are Nike, Dell and Dyson so do not be too shy when it comes to getting something cheaper than what it is originally priced at. 


If you do not know what a plugin is, it is a tool/ software that you can install that will give you information about something. An example of one plugin is Grammarly which helps you with your grammar when writing up things.

Now, we are not talking about grammar plugins, we are talking about ones that can give you a nice discount on a multivitamin. Honey and Pouch are ones that will automatically find voucher codes that are eligible for the site you are using. Notifying you how much you can save.


There are all the money-saving tips that you can use to save money when online shopping. Make sure you explore the internet to see if you can find any additional tips that might save you money.