How To Have a Cheap Night Out In London!

London is the city of nightlife. Whilst most of the city sleeps, the population of thrill seekers stay out to experience the best of what the city has to offer. With this, it is important to acknowledge how expensive London can be. The days of £3 cocktails are over, now you will be lucky to find a classic drink for less than £10! Fear not, as there are some bars and ways to cut the cost of having a night out in London. Do not let the hiked prices steer you away from experiencing some of the best nightlife in Europe. Take a look at the following suggestions:

1. Pre Drink!

First things first, when in London you should still keep normal saving habits in mind. Yes, London is a great place to treat yourself, but the less you spend on overpriced cocktails and spend on new experiences, the better! For this reason, we would recommend pre-drinking where possible. You can grab yourself a few premixed cocktails and have a getting-ready party while you sip on some cans! This will get you on the right vibe, and also save you some pennies when you get to your first bar.

2. Choose the cost-effective bars

Next up, you need to have an idea as to which are the cheapest bars to visit. Do not be fooled, as the cheapest bars still have the fun vibe that the costly bars offer. Sometimes you will have a much better night in these kinds of bars, perhaps because everyone knows they are not breaking the bank to have a good night out! Here are some of our favourite cost-effective bars that we recommend you visit:

  • Wetherspoons
  • Simmons Bar
  • Revolution
  • BYOC
  • Be at One
  • Cubana
  • Mrs Riot

These are just a few bars to choose from, but there are plenty more offering discounts and great quality drinks!

3. Make the most of happy hour

Speaking of discounts, do not neglect the importance of making it in time for happy hour! In London, the average time for happy hour during the working week is from 4 pm-7 pm, but this can differ depending on the bars you visit. Make sure you check the happy hour times for the bars you are visiting. Some bars push this back later to encourage visitors, so if you aren’t looking to step out in your dancing shoes till 8 p.m., you might catch a happy hour till 9:30!

4. Get the underground home

One of the last and most important things to consider about a cheap night out in London is that transport such as Uber is not cheap! Knowing that thousands of people will be trying to get home, can lead to chaos and hike fares. Skip the drama, save your pennies, and opt to get the underground home instead. They run from 5 am till midnight Monday to Saturday, with reduced times on Sunday. If you are looking to stay out past 12 a.m., do not worry. London has an extensive bus system that runs 24 hours a day. You can of course get yourself an oyster card for reduced fares also. We would always advise getting home in groups and not alone for optimal safety.

Bottom line

As a whole, it is possible to have a cost-effective night out in London, without feeling like you are being too frugal. Grab yourself some ready to drink cocktails to drink whilst you are getting ready, choose from one of the many cheap bars London has to offer, make the most of happy hour, and of course, get home safely with London public transport to avoid hiked Uber prices.