4 Womens Footwear You Need This Summer

We’re here with a full guide on the essential womens footwear you need this summer! All of these timeless pieces can stay in your wardrobe for years and years, so you are sorted for years to come. For this reason, if you are in a position to spend a bit more money and get quality shoes, we’d certainly recommend it! From pieces you can wear with your luxury clothing to more chilled, comfy shoes, get ready to slay all summer with these footwear essentials in your wardrobe.


The first type of footwear you need for your holiday this year is espadrilles! These are absolute classics that never go out of style, plus they go with everything, so are a great shoe to take if you don’t have much luggage space. For slightly cooler days, espadrilles look beautiful with midi skirts or with jeans and a floaty top. They also look great with shorter summer dresses or even trousers and a trench coat towards the end of the summer, so you will get a few good months of wear out of them! Classic white or black espadrilles are the way forward here to make sure they go with everything. Or, if you have a favourite bright colour that you have quite a lot of in your wardrobe, then choosing a bold pair will be perfect for summer.

Overall, espadrilles are a great choice that will take you right through the summer and will be ideal for this year.

Brown Wedges

Next up we have another classic with brown wedges. Everyone should have a pair of brown wedges in their summer wardrobe, as they compliment any bright outfit beautifully. Go for a classic tan colour and you’ll be set for every occasion! From weddings to sunny beach dinners, you will never struggle to find the perfect pair of shoes. If you are taking them abroad with you, we would recommend wearing them in the airport so you save plenty of space in your case!

Our favourite way to style brown wedges is with a simple white summer dress, gold jewellery, glowy makeup and a small brown over the shoulder bag. This is such a classic look, so if you’re going to spend more money on any shoes, you should spend it on brown sandals, as you will have them for years and years! Just make sure they’re comfy before investing.

White Trainers

White trainers are another classic that are essential for the smart casual days. A pair of clean, white trainers in a classic style will see you through the summer, especially when you are on days out where you neeed to be comfy. But, the beauty of white trainers is they can look beautiful with any outfit, from summer dresses and luxury tracksuits to shorts and a tee. At the end of the summer, you can give your trainers a good scrub and soak the laces in a mixture of bleach and water so they look brand new for the next summer!