Streetwear has the misconception that only teens and people who skate wear this type of clothing as the materials are tough, hard wearing and disposable with brands like Etney or Stussy. However, there are brands out there that differ from the standard materials and are specifically designed for the older generation, who were brought up with this style without looking too old. This can be seen with brands such as Prévu, who are creating luxury mens streetwear as well as other garments. Here are some tips to help men enhance their urban attire without looking like they are trying too hard.

Rule 1: Keep It Simple

Don’t dress in all the new labels. Mens streetwear is meant to be mixed and matched with other items of clothing. If you look like you should belong in a fashion magazine, you are doing it wrong. This is all good for influencers or teens following the next hype but for grown men this may be taken too far. Try adding a new Tee to some used chino’s and go from there.

Rule 2: Bring It To Work

Streetwear is everywhere now and is creeping into all corners of fashion. The days of tailored suits and shiny shoes for work are going out the window for something more comfortable, yet still professional. Layering is a huge trend and something that should be considered in any wardrobe. Adding a plain hoodie under a blazer or jacket works a treat.

Rule 3 : Footwear Make An Outfit

Rather than purchasing purposefully ugly streetwear footwear to go with that one outfit. Why not turn efforts into purchasing a pair of luxury trainers that have great quality materials and pride themselves not just on their brand but on their build. Concentrate more on a pair that will also go well with a suit as well as joggers or any other outfit.

Rule 4: Improve your Fabrics

Going back to the start where mens streetwear was all about mixed and matched products with heavy materials to last falls from the skateboards. This was great back then and still is for the younger generation who still skate. However, this is a bit too cliche for fully grown men. Brands have come a long way and have reworked timeless pieces such as hoodies, cargo trousers and trainers to a point where people wouldn’t want to risk going down the skate park with them. For the everyday wearer this is great and brands are now taking their time in creating every piece of clothing rather than their staple garment.

Final Thoughts:

In essence, mens streetwear has a misconception of being for young people who love to skate, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Mens streetwear can now be incorporated in the everyday man if done properly even at the office. This can be done through keeping the style simple, buying a great pair of trainers that go with most clothes and buying better quality materials which will last whilst also looking great.

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