Are you planning to invest in new window treatments for your home? Well, you must be planning to keep them around for a while. Actually, most window coverings can last as long as 5-10 years but most people choose to hang them for longer. Yes, it is a good idea to do so but there are numerous situations when you need to replace your window coverings effortlessly.

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1. Damaged Components

Window treatments have a lot of components and moving parts that allow them to function efficiently and properly. If any of these items are damaged or worn out, you need to replace them immediately. For instance, if the side chain or sidewinder is worn out you will have a hard time raising and lowering the shades properly. As such, you need to consider replacement immediately. Are the slats on your Venetian blinds warped? Are the cords frayed? You should order made-to-measure blinds and curtains online to replace the old and damaged ones effortlessly.

2. Compromised Safety

Blinds are always perfect additions to your space. They always bring about an element of style that will look amazing for many years with proper care. When moving into a new house, that’s the first time you will choose window coverings. Of course, with time these blinds might not still be a good choice especially if you plan on having children. For instance, if there are exposed cords or low-hanging cords such that children can grab them, they pose a strangulations hazard. When choosing new window coverings, make sure they are of suitable length to prevent these hazards.

3. Out Of Style

Just like everything else in a house, blinds and curtain styles change over the years. A few decades must have passed since you last bought new window coverings for your house so it’s time to replace them. Your room will become instantly dated if you have heavy brocade curtains or aluminium blinds. If your window treatments are discoloured, your room will end up looking dirty and unkempt. You should replace outdated treatments with newer models to give your house a facelift effortlessly.

4. To Match Your Needs And Preferences

Besides being very beautiful additions to your home, curtains and blinds can serve numerous purposes. First, they can provide much-needed privacy in any room in your house. Also, they can be used to regulate the ambient temperature in any room they are installed in. The right window treatments will prevent UV rays from fading the floors and furniture. They should reduce glare and allow you to have a more restful sleep. If you have old or damaged curtains and blinds, they might not perform the essential functions as they did when they were new. When your window treatments no longer meet your needs, you need to replace them with new ones immediately.

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