Steps to jack up the correct car and the types of car jacks

The jack is a tool that is generally used to jack a car or lift the car body. This tool is legally mandatory in every car you have, friends. The ability of the car jack to lift objects is limited by the power of the jack itself. In addition to the car jack, the function of the jack itself is found in car repair shops. Starting from car service, washing the car, or checking the bottom of the car.

Some time ago, according to, dozens of cars were reported to have had their tires burst due to potholes in England.

This condition also forced the dozens of cars to pull over to replace their broken tires with spare tires. Not only had tire bursts, but a number of cars were also reported to have damaged the wheels due to a sharp road hole. So for that, you have to understand how the right jack to use and how to jack the right car.

Bottle / tube car jack

The bottle/tube car jack is called that because of its exact shape to the bottle. How to jack a car with this is quite easy, you only have to raise and lower the lever so that the hydraulic system works. Another advantage is that the shape is simple and small, making it easy for this car jack to be carried anywhere. Before using this jack, be sure to tighten the small valve that is next to the lever. Vice versa, if you want to lower the jack, turn the lever in the opposite direction, and until the jack drops down.

The scissor jack

The scissor jack is the simplest jack. Its small shape will be very easy to carry around. Unlike the bottle jack, this jack does not use a hydraulic system, so the user of this jack must be forced to use more force to lift the car body.