Several myths in the automotive world that you can no longer believe

Currently, cars seem to have become a must-have thing for all people. In Indonesia, the automotive industry market is growing rapidly as seen from the increase in the number of vehicles each year. However, one thing is certain, there are many myths in the automotive world, and are still believed today among the Indonesian people. Even though some of the myths are not true, therefore let us reveal the myths and facts about cars that are still misunderstood:

Preheat the car before the road

Heating the car before use is a myth in the automotive world, you know, friends. You don’t need to do the habit of heating the vehicle before using it for 5-10 minutes or even more. For cars that are old and still use carburetors, it may be necessary.

Step on the gas before turning off the car

In the past, drivers often stepped on the gas pedal deeply, this was done so that the battery was filled with an electric current. Is this still necessary? It turns out that this is a myth in the automotive world. In fact, this is not valid because the electric current supplied to charge the battery is not much if it only steps on the gas for a few seconds because during the trip when the car is running the battery is already in a state of filling.

Turns on the hazard when it rains a lot

Another myth in the automotive world that is often carried out by drivers in Indonesia is turning on hazard lights when heavy rain hits. The reason is that the car behind can see the car in front of it. In fact, it is wrong, even in the international world, to turn on the hazard lights during heavy rain, violating traffic rules.

Installation of an alarm makes the battery wasteful

Installing an alarm that will make a car battery wasteful is a myth in the automotive world. This fact is not entirely true, but rather due to human elements, meaning that as long as it is used according to applicable procedures, the battery is certainly not wasteful and does not break down quickly. In fact, if you modify the electrical system, whether it’s replacing the main lights with HID lamps or adding an audio system, that’s what makes the battery wasteful.