Did selling use cars but falling prices? Here are 7 Powerful Tips

Friends of the Garage may be one of the people who dream of owning a family car like the Toyota output. Unfortunately, Friends can’t immediately buy because they are constrained by a limited budget. While buying a new car is not a good option, a used car is the solution to choose from. However, how to estimate the reasonable price of a used Toyota car?

The price range for a new car, of course, will be easier to guess because it always has a definite calculation. Unlike the case with the selling price of used cars, which is often followed by a definite risk of falling sales value after five years of use.

That’s why buying a used car requires a lot of consideration. First, in terms of quality (health) of the car, as well as the completeness of the letter. The second consideration, namely the matter of calculating profit and loss by comparing all aspects including conditions, taxes, to the age of the vehicle.

In general, the average five-year expense accounts for 40 percent of the depreciation value of the vehicle. The details are the definite routine costs incurred to buy fuel by 25 percent, ten percent insurance, as well as maintenance or repair costs along with vehicle taxes of five percent.

Mathematically, you can estimate the price of used cars by calculating using the complete variables as follows:

  • When leaving the showroom, the price of the car drops by ten percent or the value of BBN KB (Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee)
  • Prices do not fall if the new car’s indent is long and long. Unfortunately, this condition is no longer relevant in the market.
  • After one year of use, the price of the car will decrease by ten percent, while the next is about five percent per year.
  • Especially for cars imported from Europe, the price tends to drop dramatically, around 40{356e1871b8e242378fb9beb958a06a30bd5b9bbad020be0d9ca02bf09725ef02} to 50{356e1871b8e242378fb9beb958a06a30bd5b9bbad020be0d9ca02bf09725ef02}. In Japanese cars, the decline tended to be smaller, ranging from 23{356e1871b8e242378fb9beb958a06a30bd5b9bbad020be0d9ca02bf09725ef02} to 30{356e1871b8e242378fb9beb958a06a30bd5b9bbad020be0d9ca02bf09725ef02}.

This calculation is based on depreciation, fuel costs, insurance, and several other variables. Various aspects can affect the selling price, namely new prices that change or increase and the possibility of discounts from the seller.